Communication problem with Chromeleon 6.8

Dionex Logo Usually, I leave instrument’s computer up and running for long periods of time. No surprise that after several weeks there is significant amount of Windows Updates ready for installation. This week I had to reboot my system (Dionex Ultimate 3000) and during this occasion several new updated were installed.

After that I started to have problems with connection to the Chromeleon server.

And I did not know why.

The Dionex server and Chromeleon  software were running without any problems, I could open  Chromeleon browser, open and close any file and so on. But when I wanted to open panel of tabs to really control the HPLC system I couldn’t do that. The system kept screaming at me “Unable to connect to a server”. Ok, let’s check server again. Nothing. Same result.

I continued with regular try and error route:

A) Ok, let’s reboot computer once more. Twice more. Several times. Nothing.

B) I tried to manually connect the server selecting the various communication protocols. In dialogs that are used to make connections I found that computer with running instrument server does not display Chromeleon Server; instead, a red X and the phrase “The array bounds are invalid” were displayed. At least I found a “name” for an error. So next step is search through the software help. It did not find any answer.

C) I am going to ask big uncle Google. Copy and Paste “The array bounds are invalid” add “Chromeleon” and “Dionex” and “communication problem” and hit the search button. FINALLY! The first page in the results page linked to the Dionex website with a description of the issue followed by the solutions.

This website describes the background of the problem and answers with hotfixs for fast solution. Page concludes on general guidance on Windows Updates (usually there are safe, but if you might have problem with not running systems don’t do that or plan a good timing for it).

I downloaded hotfix, copied it over the suggested file and it worked. Thanks!

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Software: Chromeleon, version 6.8 and attached with Dionex client server .
Problem: Each execution of software very solw (Software work very solw)

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