WebEx. The future of instrumental services?

Online communicationI had to solve connection problem in between the Bruker MS and Agilent LC (Agilent shutdown). On the very end, I found out there was no problem in their mutual communication. However, it shows me the future of the instrumental services. WebEx communication.

WebEx is software delivered as a service which you can use it from any computer with an Internet connection. WebEx combines real-time desktop sharing with phone conferencing, so everyone sees the same thing as you talk. And that is exactly what happened.

I asked people from Bruker for advice with my (instrument;) communication problem and we scheduled the WebEx seminar (let’s call it seminar). At exact time I connected to the website they sent me and our online communication started.

For me, it was brand new experience. Ok, I have to say I have no problem with online communication (chat, blogs, social media, …) but it was for first time for me to join the online communiation because of the problem with chromatographic instrument. And I found it very useful.

The online comminication

  • saves cost expenses – we all know that it is not always necessary to set up service visit,
  • saves time – very important, the seminar can be scheduled on every possible time, which meets requirements of both side
  • enhances productivity – majority of the problems can be solve with some kind of advice

I know, all this can be done also using the phone. And for sure, phone is very useful. But using the online communication, you can allow the servicing company the full control over your instrument computer and you don’t have to worry about (almost) anything.

I had this experience with the Bruker company. I am sure others companies offer the same service (or will offer very soon). I belive, that online service is the future of the instrumental service and that majority of the troubleshooting will be solve in this way.