New trends in analytical chemistry

Couple of days ago I wrote about September Discussion group organized by CASSS International separation science society. As I promised I made notes and I would like to share them with you now.

Although I expected slightly different format of meeting (selection of few topics and their detailed discussion with the attendants) I was able to find some new ideas and directions in current and future analytical chemistry.

The speakers (Robert Stevenson, Tom Jupille, and David Sparkman) presented their views about new directions in analytical chemistry, liquid chromatography, and mass spectrometry.


New directions in separation science

CASSS Discussion GroupIn May, I announced that CASSS organizes a discussion group about consulting.

Today, I would like to mention next discussion group focused on New directions/developments in Separation Science.

The meeting is taking place on September 15th, 2010 in Woodfin Suites in Emeryville, CA at 6 pm.

Personally, I am looking forward to attending this meeting. The topic as well as a list of panelist (see below) are very interesting. It will be nice to hear opinions about new directions in separation science from people with different background and experience.

I have to admit that my knowledge, interest, and predictions focus mainly on liquid chromatography (and monoliths, of course;)  so I am very curious about other topics, such as sample preparation, miniaturization and/or new materials in separations, which are possibly going to be part of the discussion too (I don’t know, just guessing;)

The information from CASSS website

Today’s sophisticated separation and analytical instruments and techniques bear scant resemblance to the “absorption analysis” technique reported by M.S. Tswett in 1903.  But that same drive for innovation and improvement is alive and well in 2010.

Join us for a lively discussion on the latest trends and technical innovations presented at the Pittcon, ASMS and HPLC conferences this year.  Question our expert panelists on where the trends might be taking the industry – and what to watch out for.

One thing is constant in this field … change.  From mergers and acquisitions to plenty of new products – stay abreast of the trends that will affect you most.

Invited panlists

Registration starts at 5:30 p.m., dinner at 6:00 p.m., and Panel discussion at 7:00 p.m.

The prize for registration before Wednesday, September 8 is $35 for Discussion only and $49 for Discussion and Dinner. On-site registration are not eligible for dinner. More info on CASSS website.

Future post

I will try to remember (ie. make notes of;) discussed topics and possible conclusions and bring them to you here on soon after the meeting. Keep in touch.

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Keys to Successful Consulting… You Too Can be a Consultant!

I have to admit that this information is mainly interested for chromatographers located in California (especially Bay Area). The CASSS (An International Separation Science Society) organizes the Discussion group focused on the Keys to Successful Consulting.

Maybe you dont know it yet. Maybe your future job is a consulting.

Following information are from a Discussion group website:

If you’re serious about becoming a consultant (or even if you daydream about telling your boss to “take this job and shove it”), this course is a required investment in your future. While most scientists and engineers have traditionally sought full-time, long-term employment in industry, academia and government, many have found rewarding, flexible and dynamic careers as full- or part-time consultants.

This Workshop will be taught by Bob Stevenson, a successful consultant with a 20-year track record, “Keys to Consulting Success” takes you through the entire start up process. Consulting is a business – and successful businesses require serious commitment and planning. If you’re considering a consulting career or want to improve your existing business, join us for Keys to Consulting Success.

For complete meeting details and registration please visit: Discussion group website at

PS: Registration does close this Friday (May 28th).


CASSS dinner with Dr. J. Kirkland

Dr. J. Kirkland during the award talk
Dr. J. Kirkland during the award talk

Yesterday, I had a great opportunity to participate in Discussion group organized by the An International Separation Science Society (CASSS). The main topic was the Scientific Achievements Award for one of the founders of modern HPLC – Dr. Jack Kirkland.